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Evaluation During a Pandemic

This past November 20th, 2020, I really enjoyed being a panelist for the Minnesota International Network of NGO (MINN) Panel on Evaluation During a Pandemic! Given the uncertainty around funding for non-profits, and the shifting needs of program recipients as a result of the public health crisis, MINN was able to put on a program for community members to address these concerns in the context of evaluation.

Global organizations need data now more than ever to help inform their decisions.

While collecting data right now may seem costly, time-consuming, or risky with face-to-face contact, there are actually several ways non-profits can still manage to evaluate their programs while staying within budget and protecting the health of their constituents.

In the is panel discussion we elaborated more on this through the following points:

(1) Public Health and Evaluation

(2) Mobile Data Collection

(3) Cost-effective Evaluation Techniques

Attendees posed rich questions including:

When conducting evaluation with limited resources, how do you address equity issues?

What are panelists tips for high engagement during virtual focus groups in Zoom or other virtual platforms?

Do you have any tips for how we can replace in-person observations?

How is evaluation going to change post-pandemic?

Check out the video below to see how we addressed these questions and more!

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