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Program Evaluation

From a culturally responsive and utilization focused lens, we conduct:

  • Evaluation Planning

    • Indicator Table design

    • Results Framework design

    • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan design and implementation

  • Community Needs Assessments

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and visualization

  • Participatory and Impact Evaluation 

    • Outcome Harvesting​

    • Ripple Effect Mapping

Capacity Building

We create learning platforms and facilitate online and in-person workshops on:

  • Evaluation 101

  • Basic Security in the Field

  • Culturally Responsive Evaluation

  • Trauma-informed Evaluation

  • Power of Play in Social Impact Work

  • Integrating racial equity into strategic planning

  • Incorporating participatory techniques into decision making

Strategic Planning

We help you align your mission and vision with your activities for maximum impact through the following supports:

  • Theory of Change design

  • Logic Model design

  • Strategic planning 

  • Action Planning

  • Individual consultations with leadership on:

    • Diversifying boards of directors​

    • Hiring and retention of staff of color


Our consultants are certified in the Technologies of Participation which are a series of facilitation techniques that tap into brain science to help increase engagement, buy-in, and participation of large groups in creating community solutions.


Our team facilitates the following events in English, Spanish, and French:

  • Focus Groups 

  • World Cafes

  • Community Workshops

  • Interviews

  • Consensus Building Workshops



Culturally Responsive

  • We believe it is very important to be attuned to the struggles of people who are marginalized based on their race, ethnicity, and/or skin color.

  • We intentionally partner with black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and people from the Global South to deliver culturally responsive services, and to offer these services in people's native language.


  • Our team is experienced in consulting across the globe in English, Spanish, French, Hindi, German, Amharic, and Swahili. 

Highly Participatory

  • At Play for Change we believe the more stakeholder input, the better.


  • We lean on the principles of human-centered design and the techniques from the Technologies of Participation.


  • We integrate games, arts and crafts, and elements from nature to spark conversation and allow partners, stakeholders, and community members to have a dynamic and  meaningful experience with us.

Mixed-methods and Utilization Focused

  • We perform both summative and formative evaluation, and generally tend to apply a mixed-methods approach to our projects.


  • We also understand the importance of delivering products and services that changemakers can put to use immediately. Therefore, we fall in the utilization-focused side of the evaluation spectrum


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