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Samples of Our Work


The interactive workshops led by Play for Change consultants to create our strategic plan with a racial equity lens were fabulous. Kamala and Claire’s facilitation style was very engaging and inclusive... The process allowed for us as leadership to step back and really learn from our staff. The facilitators allowed staff to have a voice where they didn’t have one before. I also appreciated P4C’s structured plan and attention to keeping the group on schedule. They had specific goals for each workshop which were met within the time allotted for them and the whole process followed a timeline that met the expectations set in the initial proposal. We’re grateful for the support we received from Play for Change because this could have otherwise taken us years to do! That’s what we were looking for and what we needed-- we are sorry our work with them is ending, we wish it could go on forever!

Lee Dillon, Executive Director of TCAction and Danielle Harrington, Deputy Director of TCAction

...Kamala served as our team lead as we worked to support a local non-profit with building their evaluation capacity. Her generous spirit helped cultivate a truly collaborative working group that successfully completed the project goals. Her strategic thinking and organizational skills at the onset of the project set the foundation for creation of practical deliverables and timelines... Kamala is an exceptional leader and evaluator. She balances a detailed and practical approach to evaluation with compassion and an obvious love for serving others…

Felisha White - Assistant Director, Academic Planning and Assessment at Clayton State University

I’ve gotten to know Kamala as a value-based, socially oriented, innovative development practitioner (in 2013) and now evaluation consultant. Every time we talk, I feel enriched and energized because of the professionally and often also spiritually deep exchange we have. You will enjoy working with her.

Christopher Kowalewski - Former Virtual Professor, United Nations Development Program

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